Light Scribe Sundial

Category: Competition

This was a quick competition I did, where a Sundial in a proposed space on the side of a building.  The Sun Dial would “project” the time, on to numbers using a parabolic mirror.  When the sun was out, a ray of light would indicate the time of day. During the noon hour, the ray of light would shoot straight down.

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Fort Flint

Category: Competition

2013_2-26_AUTO RAC-99K



  •  Consulting on a competition to help out with sketchup models.
  • Idea is to create Totems of the community, from the community.
  • Creation of Local Jobs, through a Job Corps Program.
  • Use of Deconstructed Houses, for materials
  • Re-purposed auto car part racks for structural frame
  • Honorable Mention:
    Building Bodies for Work
     by Wes Janz, Tim Gray, and Andrea Swartz of Ball State University